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victoriouslyvindicated said: An interesting question, if I've ever heard one. I do spend a decent amount of time mulling things over that interest me... and that just might be enough to make me count as "philosophic." No more than your average person, I suspect... but I might be the slightest bit more eloquent than your average bear, so to speak.

Or maybe that's the pretentious bastard in me talking.

Anyways, if I seem philosophic to you, I think I'll take that as a compliment.

By the way, I like your blog. A lot, actually.

I would believe that you are far from a pretentious bastard. You seem quite eloquent from the way you speak and the things that you say, other than the occasional breast-related comment, which can be forgiven because it is the typical male behavior. Forgive me if I am stereotypical, but this is experience speaking. I shall give you the title of philosophic, if not for your grace, then for your admittance of possibly being a pretentious bastard, which, I assure you, you do not seem. 

I am glad you deem it fit to determine my calling you philosophic a compliment; it was meant as such. 

Thank you for the compliment in turn. I appreciate the attention to my blog. Apologies if it is kind of boring. Perhaps you will enjoy my posts of “The Esoteric Truths of Man”?