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The Esoteric Truths of Man: Things We Should Know

These are things that I, being a philosopher in my natural habitat (shhhhh! My family has no idea I am so deep. ^-^), have composed from the recesses of my brain that I think all people should know. I will add these periodically, so look for them! I hope that someone out there will enjoy the rambles of a mind on the rampage……

  • ·         The reasons a man must fear another are unbeknownst to me. The reasons man must fear himself are eternal.
  • ·         Love is not only a figment of the imagination; it has established solidity in the hearts of those who have found solidarity in it.
  • ·         Life is ever-changing; those who live, beings who are quasi-existent, must constantly adapt and heed to this everlasting evolution voluntarily, or life will become transient.
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    Alright. Stop. The reasons a man fears is because the Four Noble Truths. Love is not solid. People change. Hearts...
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